Beaumes de Venise
Cru from the Côtes du Rhône

Nestled at an altitude of 300m, our vineyards take advantage of the air currents that circulate around the Mountains of Coyeux. Bringing freshness during the summer, they contribute to the aromatic finesse of our wines.

Cru from the Côtes du Rhône

Jewel of the Domaine of Coyeux, our unique parcel of Gigondas is at the heart of the scree of the Dentelles de Montmirail. Our vineyards draw their character there and contribute to the reputation of the name. Notice to connoisseurs, in the good years our production is only 3 300 bottles.

Musky white wine

The latest of the Domaine of Coyeux, our muskaty white wine is available in two sub- selections. One, a “sweet type” for lovers of softness and delicacy, the other a “dry type” to sense even more the authenticity of the Muscat petit grain. A comparative analysis is required.

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise
Natural sweet wine

Jewel of the Domaine, our Muscat is the expression of “Pure Trias” soils. Connoisseurs can still discover in our warehouses great vintages such as 2007 & 2009 and their amber color. The most demanding will wait for the 2014 vintage which already announces the return of the “Grand Coyeux”.


Wine tourism

Passionate or simple amateurs discover or rediscover the wines of the domain.