15 septembre 2016

A new wine range

Even if the entire Coyeux estate is entirely established on a “trias” terroir, the slope, orientation, exposure to the wind and the setting in the bench give each parcel its own signature.

It is on these different Signatures and the specificity of our grape varieties that we have focused our attention with the technicality of our oenologists, Arnaud Immelé and Xavier Vignon.

You can now discover:

Muscat grape variety through three ranges differentiated by their residual sugar content (dry, sweet and natural sweet gout)

Our first rosé wines, one made with the only grape variety Muscat petit grain, the other more classic type Côtes du Rhône (blending Cinsault and Grenache grape varieties)

New red wines in particular the “Sapere Aude” (Ose savoir) vintage in Beaumes de Venise vintage and our first vintages in mono vine

Syrah (“Ultra Vires”) and Grenache (“In Excelsis”)