15 September 2016

Status and Current Developments

The equivalent of nearly one million bottles stored in the warehouses of the Domaine of Coyeux. The change of ownership has provided the opportunity to do a comprehensive and meticulous oenological review.

This long assessment, entrusted to renowned oenologist Xavier Vignon, took place over several months. Each vat was analyzed both chemically and organoleptically.

Some adjustments of the vat were necessary, for example to the carbon dioxide concentration levels, to regain the freshness of the muscat wines which established the reputation of the Domaine of Coyeux.

The wines have been classified and ranked according to their taste value.

The labels dating from the 1980s have been very slightly modified with the coat of arms of the new owner, so as to retain a visual recognized by the loyal customers of the Domaine.

The best vintages, called « premium » are now marketed under the new labels that you can find on the page entitled « The Wines ».

Only the bottle of « Muscadin », our medium-dry white wine, has been fully revised. This wine will now be marketed in a flute-type bottle, tinted in a bronze tone.